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Hipshot Trilogy


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You lap steel pickers out there might appreciate this innovation from Hipshot. The Trilogy allows an incredible amount of tunings both before, after, and during performance. A Richmond based band has a guitarist/lap steeler whose lap steel is set up with this. All I can say, is "I GOTTA HAVE ONE OF THESE". Definitely a must have for the serious steel player. I've got their b-bender, and if its quality are any indication, the thing is indestructable. Anyone use this thing? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

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Had one on my Tele for a couple of years, took it off and went back to retuning the old fashioned way. What was the problem, you ask? Because I use a relatively heavy set of strings (.011-.052), the amount of 'cabinet drop' when, for example, dropping the low E to C, threw everything out sufficiently that I had to touch up the tuning with the keys anyway. This, bear in mind, was with a good slick graphite nut and locking Sperzels. Since I could never get it set up to just flip and go, I just said the heck with it.



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Didn't know those were still available. I read a review once where they said it would work better on a guitar with a graphite neck as the different tensions would throw off the tuning when you flipped the levers - just as GeorgeGW mentioned.


Looks like lapsteel is a good application for it.

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