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Need help multi-effects


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That depends. Do you want a floor unit, or a rack mounted effects processor?

I use a Digiteck Studio 100 in my rack, and add effects like reverb, chorus, flange, delay, ect. during the mixdown, that way, my 4-track recordings remain as-played. I can always add any effect to any riff or part. You can also plug a guitar directly into the unit, and then into an amp. Cost is about 175.00


Karl (Skynfan)

Skynyrd fan forever!
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Another thing you might consider is the ability to patch through a portable player, like your CD, MP3, radio, or cassette player. (Or if you're like me, a PC :) Try that with stompboxes!) This way, you can practice along to your favorite tunes through your amp, or use headphones. (Sometimes I even use my home theater heheh! :D )


When playing with one, don't judge a unit based on its presets alone. Get your hands on a manual, or ask a store clerk to adjust the settings for you while you play. Audition the unit on a good amp. I actually like testing multiFX units on a good keyboard amp, because they tend to be fuller sounding than just using a bass or guitar amp, but that's up to you.


In your price range, I think you can buy a new one, instead of getting a used model. I particuarly like the newer DigiTech units. They're very good sounding these days, especially anything from the RP lines which is in your price range. I play more bass these days, though, so I got the BP 200, but some creative 7-string slinger can find some use for that I suppose. :)

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