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What would be the difference between a mesa spax7 and 12ax7 ecc83???


I mean, from what i know and from what i have tried the spax7 seems better noise reduction . I know they are both sovteks.


But i am wondering if mesa tests this tubes better than the 12ax7's or if it is the same, i need new tubes and i like the way they sound, but paying 10 more bucks for each is a bit upwards.I have the money thou and was just wondering if it is worth it having spax7's in the whole preamp chain?

I have two of them and i would like to know if it would be better to install all 6 spax7's as my preamp tubes or if mixing them with the 12ax7's is a good idea.


I recently bought some eh's , wich i did not like , they killed my clean and sound as if the amp had a blanket on it's front grill.


I know evilmeow likes them so i will be shipping 2 of them to him.


Thanks for your help, everyone else , please feel free to jump in and comment.

I am also known as warlock7 from the hc forum


Off topic

I think last year the nba handed the tittle to the lakers, David Stern and the officials should let the teams do the talking on the court and not fix these games.


Even thou i am a knicks fan i consider the kings to have won last's years championship.

I also have a friend that works for one of the networks u all know and he emailed me something at the time that i can't email to anyone, but he says everyone of the tv guys were ashan=med of how game six was called and some of the previous too.


Prediction for this year?

If the lakers get to the playoffs, everything will be orchestrated to make them the new champions again , hehhehhe, just to get some news and see if they can get the league out of it's misery, but we all know this will sink it a lot more into that same misery.




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