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I Love The Blues!!!!!!!!!

Compact Diss

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I'm having so much fun practicing. Let me tell you some nights this past week I was bored as hell with my lessons.

I remembered that I had a Korg CDR from when I had the Triton that I never returned.

I took it to Guitar Center and got a Tascam 4 Track recorder. I record myself playing the background rhythm, typical 12 bar Blues--then I solo over it (very slowly and awful sounding). You know what though- I'm sitting here practicing-not out f*ing around. I wanna play-and I'm putting everything into it.



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Originally posted by Compact Diss:

Right, so when I say I'm "playing" the Blues you all know that I'm no where near sounding good yet--it will all come in time--I'm just happy to be doing it

It will come with love of doing it, and listening to others play it, and learning your chords and scales, then forgetting it all and just letting go.


Remember, that in the blues a single, long, tastefully bent note can say volumes. Make it cry, make it sing, and soon you'll be playing things that you didn't even know you knew.

I really don't know what to put here.
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