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driver, V1 tubes location

Blue Note

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I'm glad your back. I ordered some NOS RCA-6V6's and some matched 12AT7's, low gain 12AX7's for my Deluxe Reverb,and Princeton Reverb so I could be sure I had a matched driver and replace the V1 to have all distortion coming from my power tubes but I'm not sure witch tube is the driver and V1 I have always thought that the 12AT7's were the drivers but looking at the Fender Amp Guide website it seems that may not always be the case.


Is there any way to identify by the position of the tube socket (example the tube next to the power tubes) also what if your amp has two channels like the Deluxe Reverb a normal and a vibrato, or like a Fender Bantam Bass has a bass and a normal channel how do you locate V1.


I thank you for time.

When in doubt, BEND IT!!!
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