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Long hair in Corporate America?

Dave da Dude

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Originally posted by skip:

I remember walking into Sam Ash to check out some guitars, and seeing one of the sales guys walk past with a nice white office short, a neatly tied necktie-and shoulder length hair. It was really hard not to start laughing. Just the incongruity of it. It always seems strange to me that virtually all institutions seem to have some attitude about it when historically, long hair was the norm for much longer than short hair.

Actually, although many salespeople have various looks that scream "I'm a rock musician!", the majority of upper management in music stores, their corporate offices, and MI manufacturers dress as conservatively as company players in other industries. The musician look may be more widely accepted in our industry, but the most powerful industry people look more Wall Street than Sunset Boulevard. This doesn't mean they aren't still musicians under the clothes and haircuts.


The manager of the GC I worked at 11 years ago always dressed in a sharp suit and tie. I understand he's moved up consistantly. The only major exception to this rule I can think of is Skunk Baxter. Despite being a military intelligence expert, he's been able to keep his long moustache, etc. and be exceptionally successful in that arena and as a professional musician.


It's not a definite rule. But there is a loud ring of truth to the idea that most of us have to dress for success in addition to being intelligent, good communicators, and clever.


Damn! I sound like a cheerleader for all the garbage I denounced when my father spewed it at me! :freak::rolleyes:

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