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sad day


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Ok danymal_x, i got that, thanx.

I'm getting the impression since i already have a strat-style guitar, Washburn MG74 (H/S/H EMG, floyd rose trem, bolt on neck, locking nut), I should save my hard earned money for a Gibson LP if I want a guitar that sounds different than the one i have?

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The original post on this thread mentioned some pretty substantial prices. Lots of people have suggested Strats and they're great. A few others have suggested used Gibsons, and they're right, as well. Another suggestion might be the lower-priced PRS's. Their manufacturing quality is currently better than the quality out of Gibson's Nashville or Memphis factories. Another suggestion would be Heritage guitars, out of the old Kalamazoo, Michigan factory. Some of the old Gibson guys are still there, cranking out beautiful guitars (the pickguards are a little strange, but take them off). The advice about trying out several Strats is spot on. Not only the sound, but also the build-quality is a little dicey here and there. Pay particular attention to the neck and fret area. Don't think that you have to spend the extra money on an American model. Two of the best Fenders I own (I have a bunch) come from Japan and Mexico.
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Originally posted by CowbellAllen:

Shapes of Things? The only versions I've heard was Yardbirds and Jeff Beck on the Truth album.


Gary more wasn't a heavy metal player really. I place him in my classic rock section.

You need to check out _Corridors of Power_....

Guitar Lessons in Augusta Georgia: www.chipmcdonald.com

Eccentric blog: https://chipmcdonaldblog.blogspot.com/


/ "big ass windbag" - Bruce Swedien

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You need to check out _Corridors of Power_....





A great record ...a Chip of the old block

me old son


You should check out the VHS 'Emerald Aisles'

where he produces the most amazing metal improvs

on Shapes of Things...playing a white rosewood 59 strat...blows away anything off the period

including EVH & Rhoads


Thin Lizzy's Cowboy Song was done

by Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham

on Jailbreak ....not GM , also GM's

heavier pieces like 'End Of the World' bare no comparison to his Lizzy days




I was mostly joking about Gibson guitars..If I

could afford a 2k for a new LP that would be

great ..you know your getting pedigree for sure

..& it will hold its resale value unlike many

others...just prefer the knock about rough & tumble strat


Peace :thu:

Give me a break!
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