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Fulltone Effects Pedals? Any Info?


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Does anyone have any experience with any of the Fulltone effects pedals. I've read all the site literature and they are obviously hand made with good quality components in the USA by a fellow guitarist (Mike Fuller). Anyone heard them and can comment? I'm particularly interested in their Clyde Deluxe Wah Wah, the Full Drive 2 Overdrive/distortion pedal, and the Choralflange. I currently use and like a Danelectro Daddy O overdrive, a Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus, and a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay. The Fulltone pedals are expensive but are they realy worth the substantial extra bucks?
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I've had the Clyde Deluxe wah for a while now. Definately pricey, but it really is great. The sound is exactly what I wanted and it's construction is like a tank. The footswitch works like a dream, and it's great to have a pilot light to let you know it's on.


In hindsight I could have probably gone for the regular Clyde rather than the Deluxe, as I always tend to leave the selector in the position that is the same as the regular Clyde.




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