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Ibanez lawsuit guitars from 70s


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Originally posted by alexmunro:

Hi, can you guys give me some info on the 70s ibanez sg copies? are they good quality? I might be buying one at a local store. it dosent look so nice but it sounds good. and can the set neck cause problems? thanks

The big lawsuit of Gibson was toward the Ibenez copy of the ES-175. The copy was considered perfect, but the cost was less (still an expensive guitar), but the wood, hardware, and workmanship were thought to be by many, even better than the Gibson original. Hence the lawsuit.

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Those 70s Ibanez and Tokai ripoffs were NICE guitars.


The ones built to spec. were exact duplicates of sought-after Gibsons and Fenders from the 50s - right down to the type of screws, etc. and are as good as the instruments they copied.


Tokai Love Rocks ('59 Les Paul copies) are becoming quite collectable.


Ibanez did make some cheaper guitars, such as Les Paul copies with bolt-on necks which are ok but nothing special.

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