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Crate vc 508?


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Hey henry: I've played the VC 508 in a music store before and I like the way they sound. It's authentic tube tone. It doesn't have reverb but they are cool little practice amps. I think they're overpriced though. What are they going for about $175.00? I own a Crate Vintage Club 30 which is a great, great amp suitable for stage or studio. You could pick one of those up on ebay for about $250.00.
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Howdy ALL!


The little VC 508 does quite well driving a Marshall 4-12 (or any 2-12 to 4-12 cab for that matter!). Just disconnect the speaker leads and connect a female mono plug to the leads then hook up your cab. 5-7 watts is enough to play small intimate places as well as really rock a basement jam. Of course the 4-12 may take up the entire floor space!


Too bad Crate makes 'em so they're nearly impossible to change the tubes on them. Oh well, Crate, what can I say?!!!!

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Thanks all for the replies. Well, I have an old 4X12 cab that I've thought about upgrading with new drivers. It has three Jensens and one Peavey replacement from the mid seventies. I used to run a Silvertone Twin Twelve head thru it. That amp is one of my next projects - needs a new power transformer.


I also play some harp and that intrigues me as another use for a small tube amp. The univalve or Soul-o are on Santa's list, but not within his budget. The older I get, the more tone beats volume on the pleasure scale.


I am looking for portability, as I play electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, trumpet and percussion. That's a lot of amps. I presently sing, blow harp and horn, and do the percussion thru my mic, though in smaller places, I prefer to back away with the trumpet. The keys have an amp, which I just fixed, the Strat I play thru a little Crate chorus, the acoustic thru the PA and the bass rig belongs to another guy who plays it 60% of the time, though I' d love to have one of my own. This last gig, I borrowed a Roland keyboard amp that had three channels. I put the keys and acoustic thru it, then fed them to the PA. I liked it, so something like that is on Santa's list, too, with the same restrictions.


The Crate 508 (or something like it) would be for the electric, but the harp would be a cool experiment.


Thanks again,



He not busy being born

Is busy dyin'.


...Bob Dylan

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