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Dream Guitar


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If you were to have a guitar built from scratch, with everything you ever wanted included; color, materials, hardware, shape, etc, etc,. What would it be?



Mine would be bascially a PRS Santana III or a Hamer Studio Custom.

Mahogany body, book-matched flamed maple top (bound)

Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard (unbound)dot inlays (Gibson slim-taper, wide)

Fishman tremelo power bridge

Chrome hardware, top-hat volume and tone controls (two volume, one tone).

Grover locking tuners

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates neck and JB bridge pickups with chrome covers.

Cherry Sunburst (ie., 59 les paul)

Strung .10-.49 with Gibson Tone-Tempered Les Paul strings.

Hardshell case

Mesa Boogie Mark IIC amp

Good looks and ability to play better than the best (we're dreamin' aren't we?)



what's yours?


I forgot, the flamed top is to be a carve-arched top.

I can't believe I forgot the frets, but wide and fat. god old Gibson style.

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Psalm 33:3

The best instrument you have, is your heart.

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I've already built several guitars from scratch... and each time I think of something new that I want! I have a Tele neck sitting here waiting for me to do something with it. Here's what I'm thinking:


Thinline Tele body (with the f-hole), swamp ash with a wild maple top. Rear-routed, so there's no pickguard or control-plate. Maybe a tobacco burst... or a blue dye... something that really shows the nice grain of the wild maple.


The neck is a WD Tele-style, maple with a rosewood fretboard, 22 frets (6105 fretwire), 12" radius. I'm thinking about putting on one of those Earvana compensating nuts.


Joe Barden pickups.


Gold hardware... a Gotoh bridge, a mounting ring for the neck pickup, Sperzel locking tuners, two dome-knobs.


Instead of the usual 3-way switch, I would put two mini-toggles in between the volume and tone knobs. I tend to break knife-switches, and I like to have individual toggles better. I've found that putting them between the knobs keeps me from hitting them accidently.


(just another cantankerous bastard)

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Lessee...Teisco Del Rey...particle board body with a plywood neck...spray painted hunter orange with a duct tape pickguard...strung with rusty flatwounds .014-.062...


Seriously...Something akin to a Jaguar body style...with more potent pickups (someone suggested P-90s...interesting thought)...in Aqua pearl sparkle with a white pearl pickguard. Either a rosewood or unfinished maple fingerboard.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Originally posted by Tedster:

someone suggested P-90s...interesting thought


I suggsted it, when we were talking about the Jazzmaster bodies from Warmoth. Not just ANY P-90's though... Duncan Custom P-90's! Man, that's a great sounding pickup!


I was originally planning to put them in the Tele (see above), but I'm leaning toward the Bardens now. If I change my mind again (which has been known to happen quite often) and decide I am going to use the Duncans, I'll make the body out of mahogany and use a T-O-M bridge.


(just another cantankerous bastard)

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ahhh warmouth... i replaced the stock neck on my 78 strat with a rock maple/rosewood warmouth neck about 10 years ago, and overnight converted a mediocre instrument into the best playing thing i've ever had in my hands - it is absolutely perfect. the warmouth neck is quite heavy compared to the stock maple fender neck, and increased sustain enormously. i pulled the bridge PU out and put in a seymour duncan stacked hummer wired straight to the volume knob to the output. it's sort of ugly, since i did my usual ham-fisted job of painting it glossy black, but jesus can that sucker play!


sunridge studios

salem, oregon

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Dream guitar? Jeez, here's one I've been considering building for about 20 years...


Although primarily a bassist, I've played guitar for just about as long, and do all of my writing on guitar.

On many occasions, I would be trying to teach a guitar player how to play a new song, or even a particular riff, and I would end up taking off the bass, strapping on a guitar, show him what I'm talking about, unstrap the bass, etc. etc.


So...a doubleneck is in order, right? Sure, I want to stand there in the studio with THAT thing hanging off my shoulders for 2 or 3 hours...I don't think so! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


My idea was to build a doubleneck that would incorporate 2 small, seperate bodies that could be detached from one another, utilizing a quick release do-dad that I haven't decided on yet. Iwas once told that such a guitar existed at one time, but I think I could do it better.


Anyway, in figuring out the body shapes and whatnot, I haven't even considered hardware yet!!!



(giving away all my best ideas... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif )

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Les Paul body type with Strat pickup array ( for those precise harmonic spectra ) only the bridge pickup is on one of those Rick Turner-style rotating plates (so I can get the Hendrix-style, reversed alignment).Also the body has Strat sculpted shape, Feiten tuning system & a locking trem...oh, & global positioning chips in the headstock & body so I can locate it if stolen.
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