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Les Paul Bridge Alignment


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I've noticed the 5th and 6th string angle in toward the center, the 6th string being worse.

They're in line at the bridge but angle in going to the end piece.

All the others seem to be in line so it appears the end piece is centered.

It's a Studio Gothic. Is this normal? Has anyone else encountered this or is it a defect in the tail piece where the holes are perhaps off.

It plays great. Although the finish on the neck collects grime easy which is a drag. (literaly)



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Everyone seems to have "missed" this one, rebonn, so I'll give it a whack...


Do you mean that after the strings pass over the bridge, going down toward the stop tail piece, that the 5th and 6th aren't in a straight line?


Why are you concerned about this? Once the strings pass the bridge, it shouldn't matter as far as sound is concerned.


I guess if it really bugs you, bring your guitar into a store with other Gibbies, and see if it's the same on all of them.





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