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Effects Loop --- Help


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Hi all !

I have a litlle problem while connecting my guitar amp to my effects procesor via effect loop. 1st my gear..

- Guitar

- Boss GT5 effects processor

- MesaBoogie Dual Rectifier HEAD


I´m doing this.

1- Conect my guitar to the input jack of the amp

2- GT5 input to effect SEND Mesa

3- Gt5 out to effect Return Mesa

4- Send to unity gain, Return to unity gain, Master Loop to unity gain.


The problem is that when select a distorted sound the only thing i get is a loooud feedback... I tried to solve it.

- I´ve set the guitar input preamp to min

- I´ve tried to set levels of send and return from the AMP

No solution...

Then i started thinking that my Gt5 effects were too loud, so i tried with some factory settings, but the result was the same.

any idea? any suggestions ?


Thanks a lot !!!

Damian Colaprette

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I'm not sure about this but it I think the FX loop is designed for line level units like a delay or reverb. You are adding a second pre-amp after the Mesa pre-amp.

You may just have to experiment more to achieve the proper gain structure.





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