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New Jack Bruce CD with EC


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Jack Bruce has a new CD -- Shadows In the Air. There's a fair bit of variety, as usual for a Jack Bruce release. The most attention is probably going to go to the two old Cream songs redone with Eric Clapton -- yes, you guessed right, "Sunshine of Your Love" and "White Room." Those that think Clapton hasn't played anything very interesting since Derek and the Dominoes won't find any reason to change their minds, but it's kind of fun to hear them singing together again on "Sunshine" and the latin percussionists give it an interesting flavor.


There are also several other Bruce/Brown songs re-done, from various parts of Bruce's career -- namely "Boston Ball Game 1967" and "He the Richmond" from his first solo release (1969) Songs For a Tailor, "Out Into the Fields" from West, Bruce, and Laing's Why Dontcha (1973), and "Dancing on Air" from I've Always Wanted to Do This (1980).


More interesting are the new numbers, though I find Kip Hanrahan's lyrics to be a bit much sometimes -- but then, I always thought Pete Brown's lyrics were a bit much too. Bruce sings and plays great throughout. Gary Moore plays some very tasty guitar on two tracks. Vernon Reid plays some untasty guitar on "Out Into the Fields," nearly ruining it, but fares better the other songs he plays on. The latin rhythm section kills.

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