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Anyone makin music with loops??


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Just curious how many of you geetar slingers are using loops to make music. I just finally broke down and got acid pro, I've been using the acid express free downloadable version but it was entirely too limited to get any real work done with. I've actually been havin quite a bit of fun with it, I'm tryin to put something together with it worthy enough for the Comp CD but who knows how it's going to turn out.


I can see I'm gonna have to invest in some good loop libraries, particularly drums, which is actually why I'm getting into usin loops in the first place. My *drumming* ability on a drum machine or sequencer ?REALLY SUCKS!!!!


So, anyone else out there doin the loop thing, got any suggestions for good loop libraries for a funky rock and rollin bluesmeister??

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Loops? You bet! I have a bowl every morning when I wake up, if my kids haven't eaten them all first.


OH...you mean like LOOPS loops...nope, that's an area I've yet to explore. Hey...include one on the comp CD if you want... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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I agree that using loops can get to be a little cliche, after all, on my original post I did say "I finally broke down".


But the simple fact is I don't have access to a good drummer, and even if I did I don't have the resources to record them properly anways. I've also tried using a drum machine but that sounds way to static, and my ability to record drum parts with a keyboard and sequencer is not what I'd call fantastic. So it's either use loops, and learn how to alter them to sound like what I want, or not make any music at all.


Other than strictly accoustic stuff that is, which sounds good and has it's place but not really what I'm into.

That's my take on the matter anyways, you of course are welcome to have your own opinion.


Oh yeah, Tedster, It's good thing I didn't say anything about using Acid Pro to make music huh http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif Exactly what consitutes *Pro* level Acid anyway???


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Yeah...Acid Pro...hehehe...


I can picture Cheech and Chong...


"Dude, I just got a job and they want me to take a drug test"


"No shit? I hope you can tell the Sinsemilla from the Michuacan when they give it to you on the test, man...you oughta pass that with flying colors, man..."

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Yeah, I am using loops and I am proud of it. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Kidding. I use Acid to make music but it's basically dance and hip-hop oriented (one friend just asked me to make him something that he can rap onto)... Using it for making guitar oriented music? Well, if Satch can do it, so can we, right? http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/eek.gif

Anyway, I am using it but the lack of good libraries prevent me to explore it even further...

If it sounds god, just play the darn thing
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loops are only cliche if you use them that way....


our drummer will trigger loops and other samples from his pads while playing the drums and modulate them with a control voltage pedal....the end result is quit inovative and when we play live the crowd stands there with their mouths open going W.T.F.....this is live!?


you might as well say a strat or a les paul is cliche in rock/pop music since that has been done by everyone for 30 years.


it is up to you ...the musician to make something new with the tools at hand.




btw.....didn't the beatles and pink floyd use loops in some manner....i don't think that was cliche.....i think it was FAT!

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well this will surprise no one but i've been a *looper* since forever.

i's been called a 'one man guitar army' and it rox!! but *no* pre-recorded stuff-

everything you hear from me is bein created @the moment-so every loop and performance is one of a kind and there are no limits to what i can do-nobody has ever told me it was boring or dull.

check out 'david torn' and other 'guitarrorists' that loop-henry kaiser-bill frissell-gary lucas-steve tibbetts and a hundred others over





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Hey Popmusic, go ahead and muddy it up http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

I want all opinions, be they good or bad. I know what you mean about the fills not sounding the same as the main beat, I'm having that problem with a tune as we speak.


Spacebass- Someone like my self using loops and nothing but loops is COMPLETELY different than a drummer actually playing AND throwing some loops and samples into the mix. I wish there were some drummers around here that were into that, I'd love to jam with one.


It just seems that, unfortunately, life is putting me in the predicament of having to try and do the one man band thing if I want to make music. Nothin wrong with it and I've seen some guys pull it off real well, I'd just rather jam and record with live musicians. Unfortunately I have a *day* job that put me on second shift a while back and it's pretty much killed my ability to hook up with other musicians. And I'm pretty much dependant upon my paycheck from that day job, thanks in large part to all this GEAR!! HAHAHA, quite the catch 22 huh??


So, until I get divorced, file bankruptcy, loose everything (but the gear and dog of course), here I am loopin away. Maybe I should change my username to Loopman http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

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I think the first guitarist to use loops was someone named Lester Polfus. aka Les Paul. Happy Birthday (6/9) to one of the most influential musicians/inventor/innovators of modern music and recording techniques. Remember the beer commercial where there's this young dude playing guitar an Les walks up, asks if he can play and the kid goes "Sure old man". Les than absolutely schools the kid. When he hands the guitar back to the kid, the kid goes "Hey what's your name?" Les goes "It's on your guitar". Classic.



"50 million Elvis Presley fans can't be all wrong" - John Prine

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It is a lotta fun to go through your CD collection and pull drum loops from everything you can. Make a .wav of the track and start editing. Tweak the pitch and time to fit your song. Edit/move beats (Cool Edit 96 shareware works great) to create fills/variations. Layer your own hand percussion on top.


There are dozens of drum loops available on any medium-sized rock/R&B CD collection. Or borrow some CDs from the public library.


There are thousands of beats available as MP3s on the Internet. Go to Yahoo and search for "drum beats", "drum samples", "loops", etc.


Hope this helps.

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As a musician without a band (and who can't play drums, either) I find that being able to get my songs down with loops is exactly what I've been looking for. I don't think they sound canned or predictable if you use them right. I just picked up the Rads Drum disk from Sonic Foundry and it is a great way to construct drum tracks that sound like a drummer is actually playing them. It takes a little bit of work to get used to putting the measures togther, but you can piece together some great beats. My only grips is that the "fills" on the disk don't have much in the way of tom fills. Other than that, it's a pretty nice collection. I don't think that they sound tired, old, or unnatural. But, as they say, that is my opinion, your milage may vary.

I really don't know what to put here.
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Yeah, back when I was in between jobs, I got into the ambient noise genre, intially just doing the volume swells with a delay, then going to looping passages with a JamMan. Alot of fun....but not my real passion. I'm all bare bones now......
Down like a dollar comin up against a yen, doin pretty good for the shape I'm in
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I do use ACID Pro to create beds for guitar playing, but I put a lot of thought into it, and try to get everything I can out of Acid. I don't just try to create a backdrop and hope to bury it, though. I want it to be a intregal part of the song. The more I use Acid, the more I make it really work. Once you get into the real details, you can make some great stuff with Acid, that I think stands on it's own merit, even before I put guitar on it.

Of course, this is only part of what I do. I do stuff with me playing the drums and everything, which isn't anything like the loop based stuff I do.

The loop based stuff affords me the opportunity to express myself in different and exciting ways.


The way I see it, anything I can use to bring out the muse and create something cool is great. The only limits imposed by anything are the ones we create.



destructive workshops



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