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any recommended tuners, especially ones that work in the sun?


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I've been thinking about getting 1 of those stomp box style tuners, like the new Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner . Only thing is, in the past with other tuners, when I've played outdoors during the day, you can't see the friggin' LED's! I take it this unit has the same problem?


Would this unit also work if I were using it off-stage before even setting up the equipment? For example, if I'm playing 1 of those cluster-F*** gigs with 5 bands where you have 15 minutes to get ready and I want to have my axes in tune before laying the pedal down and having my gear set up.


On that note, what do you guys use for tuners? Seems like everyone has a TU-12. But I'd like to be able to cut the sound off while tuning, if necessary, in between songs. I do have 1 of those rack units (remember the Korg DTR?) but I don't feel like hauling it out any more. Plus you still need a footswitch for the bypass or walk back to the unit to press the bypass button...

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I hate LED tuners anyway. I usually use one with a needle...with a backlight...and now I'm using one of those little (can't remember the name) I think "microtune" or something...it's all LCD, which means you can't see it in the dark. I just hold it under a light.


But I'd get a needle tuner with a backlight. The kind I used to have before someone ripped it off.

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My ears.. but you CAN'T have 'em! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/mad.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


The Akai T1 is a good pedal tuner, with BRIGHT LED's. I never used mine on a daylight stage, so I brought it outside just now. I could see the LED's in bright daylight, and I placed it on a white surface, just to make sure my eyes weren't helped by the contrast. On stage I'd recommend you place it on a black cloth to take advantage of the contrast.


As Akai is less well known for pedal effects, here's the layout:


The T1 uses 5 LED's (2 red for flat, 1 yellow for in tune, 2 red for sharp.) and a 7 part, red LED, alphanumeric display with a small LED dot to display note name. The dot denotes a sharp note name. another green LED denotes MUTE on. (Controlled by a footswitch.)


Unlike many pedal tuners, it incorporates a mic for non electric instruments. You can calibrate to other pitch references, and it has an on/off/sleep switch. If it doesn't sense input, in sleep mode, it turns off after a few minutes.


Find a dealer and check it out. Hope this helps.




(P.S. You still can't have my ears.)

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Don't know about the sunlight factor, but I'd definitely check out the new Sabine tuners. I have one that' not a pedal and it's very accurate. I usually hate tuners and prefer to do it by ear, cept with the Sabine or surpisingly the tuner in the Pod.
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I dunno about the sunlight thing, this would be the only flaw I could find with this tuner. When I saw it in the store I couldn't believe it. To me it's God sent. Let me explain.


You just stump it on and it by-passes the signal to the amp. You tune silently without anoying everyone (doing the G thing like Hendrix!) while the singer talks into the next song. You stomp it again and you're ready to go. That feature alone is worth its price.


The leds (so much clearer live than liquid crystal screen) display both the typical left-right arrow PLUS stroboscopic display wich leaves no room for interpretation. (unlike the needle stuff)


It DOES tune a bass even the low B. It tracks the pitch instantly no weird Parkinson deseise action.


Because of all the above I can tune in crowded/noisy room without even hearing the notes and I know the results are reliable. I had never seen a tuner before that didn't need my own ear's fine tuning.


It metal. Not plastic.


I tell you, in my book it's THE THING. I can't believe they didn't come up with that before. The last tuner I'll ever buy.


Imagine: the whole show perfectly in tune. Bend away!


YMMV but I dought it!


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Sorry bout that Emile... People get shot for less...

Didn't realize you were talkin bout the same tuner..



I've been using a tuner in a Digitec GSP 2101 tube/fx's thang... My eyes go silly when I tune.. Plus tryin to tune a 12 string without a pickup can't happen with it..

It would be nice to have eveything tune to 1 tuner.. So the simpler the better..


Smile if you're not wearin panties.
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