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Best Gear Deals!


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We've heard some 'Big Gear Mistakes', and perhaps more disturbing, people that didn't want to admit to purchases that they made. (big sissy-marys, in my book!!)


So...now's your chance to brag. What did you get? How little did you pay?

Methinks we'll hear from a lot more of the forum members than we did on the aformentioned topic.


Myself? Well, for starters, I once purchased an Alvarez-Yairi classical guitar at a yard sale for 3 bucks! Later, I may tell you about all the free gear I've recieved.

Looking forward to this...(living vicariously)...

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A buddy of mine just bought a (now, I'm not a drummer, so bear with me) but I think it's a Pearl Master Series.. used off a guy...the guy paid like over three grand for it I think...I guess he felt sorry for my buddy, sold it to him for like 500 bucks.


I got my Marshall JCM2000 TSL 122 combo for like half the usual discount price...basically brand new...at "Musician's Friend" scratch and dent warehouse showroom here in KC. Little bitty rip in the grillcloth. Saved me about 800 bucks. The amp SINGS!

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Way to go, Tedster! I really dig that scratch and dent stuff.


I got my bass amp (Yorkville Bloc 150) for $48.


I was renting it from a store that went out of business.

As you can imagine, I'm all broke up about it http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif


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I got a lot of deals on old Marshall gear back when it hadn't occured to people yet that they were cool:


First real amp: Marshall 50 watt non-master combo with a pair of Greenbacks AND and MXR Distortion+: $275.


1968 50 watt Marshall Super Tremelo plexi head: $300.


Ancient Marshall 412 basketweave/Greenbacks: $325.


MXR rack mount flanger: $50. Later sold for $100; I understand EJ pays $$$ for these, oh well...


Ibanez 808: $25. Disappeared. Original Tubescreamer: traded a Schaller pickup for one back in the mid 80's. "Disappeared" as well...





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