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Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, More Money


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I just love these country songs that tell a cool story. I was researching a song Tom T. Hall put out a few years ago -- "Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, More Money." It's a cool song. I thought some of you might enjoy an interview with him that I found. The link is:






Tom T.Hall keeps a rappin'

By Joel Bernstein


Mercury Records has jumped into the "alternative country" field with Tom T. Hall's new album "Home Grown."


Yes, it's the same Tom T. Hall who's recorded 21 Top Ten records. It's the same Tom T. Hall who has written countless other Top Ten hits for other artists, from "D.J. For A Day" by Jimmy Newman in 1963 to Alan Jackson's recent Number One "Little Bitty."


Alternative? When someone makes an album, and both he and his label know full well that it has no chance of getting mainstream radio play, that's "alternative." So what if it sounds the same as all those hits he had? Times have changed.


It's a rare event in modern Nashville when a label head tells an artist to cut an album without worrying about radio play. Hall had actually "retired" a few years ago, but his wife wouldn't let him use that word. Mercury kept the door open for him to record whenever and whatever he wanted.




Hall is not a person to dwell in the past. "People are always assuming I'm disenchanted with music today. I say 'They're not doing heart surgery the way they used to.' Things change. These are good kids, and they're making the kind of music that makes them happy. They all look like movie stars and sing like birds." He adds, though. "The volume. That's the one part of it I don't get. It's all cranked up so loud."


"Home Grown" is an acoustic album, as Hall's music always has been. "We used drums and pianos, but we didn't plug in. How ironic then, that Hall once quit the Grand Ole Opry because they wouldn't let him use drums on stage. "They said I couldn't use the same instruments I used in the studio. There was something illogical about it."


He finds the Nashville song factory mentality more annoying than the musical styles.


"There are five big restraints on songs today. Will it make a good video? Can they dance to it? Is it Politically Correct? Is it radio friendly? Does it fit the artist's image? You can lose a good song because it doesn't meet one of those criteria."


The latest trend in Nashville is that no one can write a song alone. "I've never been a co-writer. I don't know how they do that. Sometimes a song has four publishers and four writers. How do they all get together? There's a lot about this business I don't understand."




> > > [ Live! ] < < <

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>>>Topic:   Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, More Money



Live. Keep the horses, I'll take the rest. http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/s/cwm2/cwm27.gif

So Many Drummers. So Little Time...
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Khan, I'm with you on that. On top of the obvious, I don't like horses. At least, the kind my dad used to buy.


He was a bigtime cattle rancher and we ran 2,000 head of cattle. Quite an operation. Always bought cheap horses. About $500 was the most he'd pay for one. And we suffered for it. Kinda like buyin' a cheap guitar. Later on, after he couldn't ride due to his health, Dad bought a Honda 4-wheeler for his part in herding. It was a lot more reliable. Threw him once, though. Hit a stump hole chasin' a stray. Hey, I think I'll write a song.


By the way, a cool Tom T. Hall song the pickers can relate to is "The Year Clayton Delaney Died."


Excerpt from his great lyrics:


Clayton was the best guitar picker

In our town

I thought he was a hero

And I used to follow Clayton around

I often wondered why Clayton

Who seemed so good to me

Never took his guitar

And made it down in Tenn-o-see



Well daddy said he drank a lot

But I could never understand

I knew he used to pick up in Ohio

With a five piece band

Clayton used to tell me, Son

You'd better put that ol' guitar away

There ain't no money in it

It will lead you to an early grave





> > > [ Live! ] < < <

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LiveMusic wrote:


>>Khan, I'm with you on that. On top of the obvious, I don't like horses. At least, the kind my dad used to buy.>>


Hey Duke

Don't let my missus hear ya say that man... She lives eats and breathes dressage horses.. We've got twenty of the bloody things on our farm.... Hey man thats fighting talk as far as she's concerned...LOL!!

On a more serious note http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif Have any of you guys that have dated horsey women ever noticed that the smell of the dang critters never ever goes away completely? http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif Sometimes you wake up in the morning and feel like handing out the horse and pony cubes!! HAHAHAHAHA http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gifhttp://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Psssssst I didn't say that ok?


be good



...remember there is absolutely no point in talking about someone behind their back unless they get to hear about it...
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Dressage (rhymes with "massage") is one of two popular styles of riding. Dressage and Western. Western includes stuff like barrel racing, while dressage riders dress as English country gentry etc. and compete in taking their horses around specific courses, making the horse do specific gaits, etc. Steeplechase would be a dressage event.


Yep, I've got a daughter. She used to ride when she was little. I'd love to get her back into it.


Tom T. Hall..."O-old dogs and children...and watermelon wine"...

"I like beer. It makes me a jolly good fellow"...


Love it. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Man I grew up on a farm Outside Columbus Ohio. We raised and breed Arabian Horses, and your right you can't get the stink out.


Country music is now pop music. When I started to checkout country I was 8 and Hank Williams / Hee Haw was the real deal. I miss that Redneck shit.


Wait Maybe I am a redneck.


Goddamn thats scary!!

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Tedster wrote:


>> Steeplechase would be a dressage event. >>


Yo Ted


Tut Tut±!!! Not on your bloomin nelly mate ( cowers under the table and awaits a bashing from the old bag... sheesh!! ) No dressage rider would ever be seen steeplechasing their horses over here my friend.... Cor blimey that would be death.... All that training down the toilet .... phew makes me go weak at the knees just thinking 'bout it!! http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif The rest of your post was pretty damn good though>>

Just so as you know and at the risk of boring ya'll stupid we split our riding as follows:

Dressage ( snooty oi poloy bags on posh lookin nags doing the horsey version of gymnastics )

Racing ( Steeplechasing... Very vertically challenged peeps crouching in the most unseemly manner on top of a horse that is usually twice their size... clinging on for grim death... http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/eek.gif jumping huge fences flat out!!)

Eventing ( Very snooty oi poloi bags on very posh lookin nags doing a combination of dressage ( at which they are usualy crap ) and jumping fences ( ya know the rough cut type sawn logs type of stuff ) at full tilt round a course built for peeps who can ride.... Lets say their bravery is usualy better than their talent http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif OOps!

ShowJumping ( Very colorful characters jumping coloured fences inddor and outdoors always worth a laugh)


Here endeth the first lesson..... Turn to page 65 in your hymnals and lets sing.......



...remember there is absolutely no point in talking about someone behind their back unless they get to hear about it...
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Well, I stand corrected. What I was getting at was that Steeplechase isn't a Western event, and most schools of riding are split into Western...which includes barrel racing, cowboy type events, and English, which includes dressage...and I guess Steeplechase falls into a category of English.
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Man you guys are really going to the barn on this one.....

and didn't know anyone really listened to country and western....

that's about all we have down here......you either do americana..

or c&w... of course we're the home of americana....



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