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Can you play this? If so, you're good!


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I find this part of this song harder 'n hell to play.


Summer In The City, John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful) 1966


Cm - xx5543

Cm/Bb - 6xx543

Cm/A - 5xx543

Csus2/Ab - 4xx533

G - 320001



Just curious if you guys can play this with no problem. I got some work to do. Hopefully, it's like anything else. I'm playing chords now that two months ago, I found them hard then and now they're easy. These seem particularly hard for me, though, as I have short fingers.


Can you... no lie... play this with no problem?


Edit: BTW, I can capo3 and play it as Am, etc., no problem... but I'd like to be able to do it the first way... just because. (If I were performing, I'd probably capo... because it sounds brighter.)


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Hmmm...I think that a lot of sheet music books give weird fingerings to stuff that should be capoed...for example...they'll give some stupid song in Eb and give a fingering like xx5343 rather than saying "capo 1st fret and play a D". Sheet music books are abominable at this. Once you learn to see past their crap you're okay. I'd probably capo on the 3rd and play it in Am...but play it your way.
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I've played this on keyboards, and on guitar.


Here's the key. Start by bearing in mind that it's a piano song, where the right hand plays a C minor while the left hand bass descends from C (C,Bb,A,Ab,G). So, to play it on guitar, you want to maintain the top part of a C minor chord while having the bass note walk down.


The easiest way is with a capo on the 3rd fret, and play in A minor. Then it becomes very similar to Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, etc. (There's never any shame in using a capo.)


Without a capo, I do it this way:

Cm - barred on 3rd fret (X35543)

Cm7/Bb - drop your pinky down to the 6th fret on the low E string, and also use it to mute the A string (6X5343)

Cm/A - this may sound way harder than it is: you WOULD drop your pinky down one more fret from the preceding chord, but since it's awkward, trade your third and fourth fingers, so your ring finger is now on the fifth fret of the low E string, and your pinky is on the fifth fret of the D string. (5X5X43) Note that you need to mute the A and G string, although really the main goal is to hit the low E, and the B and high E strings.

Cm/Ab - It's really Abmaj7. If you know this inversion, it's easy (4X554X). (It's like starting with a Cm barre, then lifting your first finger from the barre and putting it on the fourth fret of the low E string, while keeping your other fingers where they were.) You can instead simply play an Ab--it's only played for one beat.

G - Barre on the third fret (355433).


I hope this helps more than confuses.

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I find it easy to play... The whole thing is in Cm. (xxx543) You're moving basses around. I'll write the same chords but this time I'll use number of fingers in stead.


Cm - xx3421

Cm/Bb - 4xx321

Cm/A - 3xx421

Csus2/Ab - 2xx411 (small bare on 3rd fret with first finger)

G - 320001


Maybe it's easy for me because I'm used to finger some weird things in classical music http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

If it sounds god, just play the darn thing
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