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It seems like most of us here play in the rock/blues realm with a few exceptions. Do any of you characters play mostly jazz or play jazz exclusively? If so, tell us about your gear.

Psalm 33:3

The best instrument you have, is your heart.

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About a year ago, after a 33 year sabbatical, I started to re-teach myself jazz guitar. My '63 Strat and Ampeg Revrocket were destroyed in a fire in 1968. It was a calamity but at least I didn't go up in smoke with them.

My present gear is pretty basic but is more than enough for the two to three year learning curve.


Guitar: 1988 Guild X170 Blond archtop


Amp: 2000 Fender Blues Jr.


To my ears they sound great together.

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I'm using a guitar of my own design....carved front and back solid Western Red Cedar, Fender scale neck, Johnny Smith style neck mounted 'bucker, piezo in the archtop type bridge. Very wide range of tones using a passive format. My live rig is a JBL Eon1500 speaker(15" + horn) and a Samson S63 mixer/amp. Also a Zoom 507 EFX(reverbs) unit. This setup really cranks with no feedback or EQ problems.


In the studio, a Crown D60 bridged into a Tannoy monitor, using an ART tube mic pre with an Alesis limiter. EFX unit depends on my mood...BTW, NO EQ...seems to sound best that way.

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My rig is probably drastically different than most.

I love the sound of my guitars in the studio direct into the console through great monitors.

This started me thinking..

Since I fly alot I had to get my rack real small. I can never depend on rental backline guitar amps so I started down a different path.


I use a 4 band parametric eq .

For local NYC work its the new amek neve one. If I have to fly and check my rack as baggage I put in a ART dual tube one.(sounds fine).

TC G force.

Light chorus, light delay and verb. helps on outdoor concerts.

graphic eq.

I go Direct to the house from the TC. I then go through the graphic to a power amp and stage full range monitors. Tweek the graphic and it can get pretty good.

If I can bring my cabs I use my RCF full range powered monitors.

These things sound like studio monitors.

For guitars I go from a gibson super 5 for recording. A gibson 165 for live. and a 335 if the gig is real loud.

I have yet to find a perfect distortion box. I have tried sans, mesa, etc.

current is a voodoo sparkle drive but I am still not happy.

Pod sucked. maybe the yamaha.

any suggestion on a dist box with speaker emulator that kills???

I had a marshal pre that was great but it was heavy in the rack.


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