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Vintage Guitar F/X Modelling - What's Best in Studio?


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Does anyone know of any alternative to the Line 6 "Stomp Box" series (DL4, MM4, DM4)? I am looking for the best vintage guitar f/x modeling device(s) I can find. It doesn't matter to me if it has the kind of quick program changes and user-friendliness you need live... I just want to be able to tune in as many accurate models of known devices (past or present actually) as possible in a studio environment.


I know sometimes these kinds of devices are tied in with amp/speaker modelers like the POD(s) or whatever, and I don't really need that. I'm using a VG8EX that I'm pleased with its guitar/amp/speaker modeling. However, I won't mind it if it has those features, too, as long as they can be bypassed or actually end up being a good supplement to the VG8EX. What I would like to do, though, is use the effects modeler in the effects loop of the VG8EX.


The effects I'm looking for are any great vintage or new phase shifters & flangers (MXR 90/100 and Flanger, Mutron, etc.), delay devices like Echoplex and Space Echo, and great tremolos and the rest... basically any great guitar effects that were initially made as discreet devices.


The Digitech line seems pretty thorough, although a little bit confusing. From what I can tell, though, the RP2000 seems to incorporate features found in their entire Whammy line (Whammy, XP100, XP200, XP300) and their RP100, RP200 & RP300. True, their products do seem to all have the amp and speaker modeling, but that might be OK if it can be bypassed, or is on par with the VG8EX, to be used as an alternative.


I know that "real" vintage would tend to be the recommendation, and I don't expect one unit to literally REPLACE those devices in all their settings. But I've first hand heard what great modeling can do, and in a studio setting, it would be the efficient and effective way to have a whole trunk of vintage stomp boxes from the cheap fuzz to the TC Electronics Chorus/Flanger. Recordings are really about creating the illusion, and I think the right modeler can save space and money, giving me the results and flexibility that would surpass the trunk-load (if I had it).


Is Line 6 the ONLY company filling this broad and multi-purposed niche?


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