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MP3 Tags: Useless?

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Excerpt from a Reuters article posted today ( [url=http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/internet/02/10/music.tag.reut/]read the entire article here[/url] ): [quote]LONDON (Reuters) A music industry trade body launched on Monday electronic identity tags to keep tabs on Internet music sales in a bid to compensate musicians and song writers as more of their works become available online. The Global Release Identifier, or GRid, is a code akin to the Universal Product Code (UPC) bar code found on a CD or cassette tape in stores. The aim is to track each time a record label, online retailer or distributor such as Microsoft's MSN or Italian Internet service provider Tiscali sells a song in the form of a Web stream or download. Jessop cautioned that GRid is not designed, nor is it intended for, keeping track of songs that wind up on online file-sharing networks, a major source of music piracy. [/quote]I suppose this is a necessary step towards online mass-distribution of content. But... this won't address the piracy at all. It's basically a SoundScan for authorized online MP3 retailers (and we all know how well they're doing). This won't really change the landscape at all. Just thought I'd post it, for the sake of being on-topic.
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