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Anyone tried the Cyber-Twin?


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I have spent about 3 hours with one and I'm getting one very soon. I was impressed with the amount of accuracy

and punch this amp has. I can do all of the things my playing style needs with this amp. I also like the fact that

this amp is very easy to use and you go deeper into other features and controls if you like to tweak things. I think

this is another hit for Fender, worth checking out.



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Played around with it for about an hour in the store.


Preamp part is definitely happening. It responded like you would want - particularly in the range between clean to dirt that modelling amps have trouble with. And it does really sound like a Fender.


Fender has been pushing the preamp side and deemphasizing the power amp. To my ears it lost some of the warmth because of the solid state output. Also, I don't think that they're doing anything to model different speakers -- it sounds like a bunch of amps through the same cabinet. Not a crime, but it does lead to the tones seeming more similar than they might.


For something like a guitar amp, I always try to rent it or do a conditional purchase. First impressions have mislead me before, so I like to wear it for a while.

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I think the big thing they're missing the point in is that one of the things modelling allows you to do is have some semblance of a cranked power amp sound without the deafening volume.




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