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electro voice speakers


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I don't know how it will change the sound of your amp, but a friend of mine replaced his Celestian 12" in his Randall RG-80 when it went bad with an EV 12". Not sure which model though. Remembe this is a solid state amp, so the effect may be different than with a tube. But his sound had more clarity, a little less warm in my estimation, but perfect for the music he and his band play. He runs through an ART system and splits the signal stereo. The dry signal runs into a Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet head into a 4x10 cab. The wet signal is routed into the Randall.


EVs are great speakers. I'd say you won't lose at all. They are built like tanks as well. Let me suggest you consider JBL. I bought my 66 Ampeg Reverberocket with JBL K120 in it. I don't know what it was like before the speaker was replaced, but it is a super speaker. Strong sound. Incredible tonal response and ususallu less in cost than EVs. I swear my it. I am going to get a new Ampeg Superjet (the closest new amp to my old Reverberocket) and replace the speaker with a JBL. That way, I can cut down or reliability problems and the concern of hurting and ruining my classic amp.

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