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Where is your Wah in the signal chain?


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To all who responded to my post about which wah wah you use, Thank You! Now! Where do you place it in your signal chain and why? Mine is the first thing for two reasons. One, it doubles as volume pedal and two, I think it sounds best there. I play through a OD, a compressor, and a chorus, in that order.
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Generally, yes, the wah sounds best first in the chain, but usually after the compressor. The reason for this is that normally the compressor will amplify the white noise (among other types of noise), and also create feedback problems, if it's placed after the wah. This may not be the case if you are using very mild compression settings; you may also just like the sound, but you should try the wah after compression, especially if you are playing out live at high volumes. You should also place the OD after the compressor for the same reasons.


Another thing: if you use chorus after OD, the chorus will mangle the OD. If you must use chorus (and you should seriously consider ditching the chorus because it's a little dated), you will get a richer sound putting it before the OD.


A good chain looks like this:

GUITAR - comp - wah - chorus/flange/phase - OD - AMP;

With any delay units on the effect sends between the amp's pre and power amp stages.


Happy hunting.

Eric Vincent (ASCAP)


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