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Hey there,


I have owned (and still own) a diverse lineup of guitars. These days, I pretty much tend to gravitate toward the "Tele" styles. I primarily play blues but also do some classic rock and country. Enough background:


I got a Nashville Tele last year and (even though I have picked up a couple of newer guitars since) it is my main instrument. I cannot praise that guitar enough. It has all the great Tele tones with a few of the Strat ones thrown in for good measure. It sounds great through every amp I have every tried it with. Normally when I get a guitar, I'm looking at getting new pickups within a few weeks (a quirk of of mine). With the Nashville Tele, I have never felt the need; right out of the box, it kicks ass. And, as if the other stuff weren't enough, you can pick one up for just $300-400 bucks.


As I said, I have several guitars and will grab one for different things now and then. But, when I'm heading off to a jam and am not totally sure what I will find, I always take the Nashville Tele because I know I will fit in.


Hope that helps.


Take care,



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Thanks for the input. Right now we've got a 7-string Ibanez/RG-7620 as one of our studio guitars.We we're looking for something to allow us to do "Country" sessions as well as get some of the "Strat" type tones that the "RG" won't supply. I think the Fender/Nashville Telecast will round out out selection of electic guitars nicely. I noticed that the "Nashville Telecaster" got a

"Pick" award from "Guitar Player" magazine a short while back. But user feedback is also good to have as well as playing the guitar yourself.


Quantum! C/O


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