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Macbook, DAWs and Technically Challenged!


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Macs come with a DAW called GarageBand. Most AU (AudioUnit) plug-ins work with it. GB isn't as fully featured as the big guns (Logic, Cubase, Live, etc.) but many are surprised by how much it can do. It's worth a shot before you spend the money for something else, and many find it's a great sketchpad for quick ideas, and then transfer the files to Logic (they are compatible) to do the rest.


Assuming you have MIDI keyboards, you'd need a MIDI to USB interface to use your keyboards with your new Mac. I have an Edirol interface, and it works nicely.


What else? What are you looking to do?

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Thanks for your reply! I have the MIDI-USB interface as well. I was thinking about getting Abelton Live and using this as my DAW. I just basically at this point want to play several softsynths and perhaps later as I get more familiar with everything create my own tracks.


My local apple store is offering some free classes on GarageBand and an Intro to Logic. I am going to sign up!

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Yeah, check out the classes for sure.


Live is a great DAW, but is not quite as feature rich a MIDI app as DP, Logic, or Cubase. GarageBand will definitely do what you want for now, and maybe as your needs expand you can look into different DAWs.


FYI, there is a Live demo - http://www.ableton.com/pages/downloads/demo


and a Logic Express demo - http://www.apple.com/logicexpress/trial/


There is also a great AU host RAX which has a demo.


Regarding GarageBand, one thing to check out is the organ, Rhodes, and clav sounds. They are basically presets made from Logic Pro's EVB3, EVP88, and EVD6.

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Try Logic express. It has many of the features of Logic for a fraction of the price ($299 vs. $999).

The great thing about Logic express, is if you decide to upgrade, you only have to pay $699. Very nice deal.


If you like softsynths, few DAWs can match Logic's Midi.


Garageband is loads of fun. Like Kanker said, it contains presets of Logic's electromechanical modelers ( EVB3, EVP88, and EVD6 ). Try loading Garageband's 'Electric Piano' preset and you will see what we mean.

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