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shs-10 keytar problem (please don't kill me)


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My parents got me an Shs-10 keytar for christmas, really quite fun. it has worked well for the past few weeks, but recently, the portamento button only works intermitently, and the 4 select button does the same. when those two are working, ive been having other problems. when im playing, the instrument will randomly switch to the synth voice, and either if i play a note more than one second long, it just acts like im pressing the key over and over quickly. it does that, or it either doesnt play at all. the only thing ive done that could possibly damage it is running it through a 10V converter instead of a 9V. im too afraid to open it up and see if theres and obvious problems, seeing as i have 0 electronics experience.


anyways, any suggestions? (don't just tell me to get rid of it)

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