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Wow! Did you see the S76ES?


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Originally posted by eric:

Those sneaky whipper-snappers over at Yamaha did not publicize this one nearly as much as that new Motif XT or whatever they call it.




I cannot wait to get one.


Holy Crapola is this real?

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Don't smoke that Grandpa... that ain't tobacci! :eek:


The S76ES is a pipe dream plain and simple. Man, what some people won't do to get attention. :D


Let it go eric!! :wave: I know you want it to happen but saying it is when it isn't is not the way to go about it.


You have to convince Yammy to build it first. :idea:


Maybe all the NAMM excitement has put you over the edge a wee bit eh? ;) It's okay eric. Relax.. breathe deeply... Count backwards from 100 real slow and see if that helps. :freak: Breathing into a paper bag while you count may help also. :P

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Sorry guys. I did put some tell-tale emoticons in my first post. :P


Yep, it is a pipe dream and I think Yamaha has done a poll on such a product. I'm guessing there is not enough interest for it to become a reality. :(


But I made ya look! :cool:


Happy NAMM lusting! This is one of my favorite nights of the year! Reading about all the new schwag. Next year I plan to be there in person!!!




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Originally posted by zeronyne:Hey! Please quit exposing my URL! LAst thing I need is a bot attack. :mad:
This one is more playful for Eric :




Zeronyne, losing that previous avatar is a mighty shame. Very sophisticated cat.

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