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Purchase decision


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I am pretty new to the music world and want to learn playing piano/keyboard. I want to buy a digital piano. I am thinking about





To me are important:





I think both have a good piano sound. S90 might be the older one and so the sound might be a bit not as good as the sound of CP300. The keyboards are made using different technics:





Both cost (in Austria/Germany) about 2.200,- EUR. CP300 has built-in laudspeakers, for S90 I have to buy laudspeakers that might cost around 500,- EUR for two peases. I may also use my stereo hi-fi system, but I'm not sure whether this is a good decision because of the sound quality, etc.


S90 ES may be substituted soon by a newer model since it is more than 2 years on the market and Yamaha is used to introduce a new model of the same series almost every 2 or 3 years.


I might not use all the potentials of S90 ES and most probably use the piano sound. But as far as I know both keyboards can be attached to computer or other sound generators.


I have checked KORG and ROLAND keyboards. I don't like their sounds. But I know many musicians love to play these brands.


I would be thankful for any advices and experiences you might share with me.




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If you are just starting you would be better served with a yam p120 / 140 or kawai es4 / es5

or somthing along those lines I think you would be blowing money going for the s90es or cp300 although the s90es seems to have come down in price here in uk recently. the s90es and cp300 are pro end products with things that you will never use and by the time you have learned to use them (this will take a number of years if you are just starting out) they the digital pianos / synth that you have refered to will be available for peanuts (cheap) The Cp300 is very very heavy as well

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You only think you'll need a CP300. but as you improve you will want more sound versatility.

You really could do with, and save a ton of money if you buy a new or used S90.


I jut think that wide variety of pianos on the S90 will make you happy...

if you buy used you can sell it in a year for what you bought it for and move up to an XS if you really get into the whole keyboard thing.

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Hi cdkey and aditunes.com,


thanks a lot for your advices.


Well I think I am going to buy a used S90 ES. I have some friends who have been already playing keyboards for a while and they might help me to have an easier start into this stuff :-)


Best Thanks!!

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If your friends are keyboard players then your life is a lot easier and they can help select a good used board but be careful. CHECK FOR MISSING / LOOSE SCREWS ALL AROUND THE BOARD.

or screw heads that appear to have been scuffed / damaged and the keybed / action carefully.

(nice board to learn on!(s90es) good luck)

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many thanks for the positive feedbacks regarding the S90ES.




@cdkey: thanks for your advices indeed. I have checked the two keyboards P120 and P140, but they did not really seem to provide that perfect sound. At least this was my feeling about them. But what do you mean by the screw stuff? Does it happen often that people open the keyboards and remove anything?




Please just let me know what boxes I should purchase. I have a kind of good stereo set with speakers from JM-Lab. They are not so bad. Do you think I could use them via the stereo set? Or is it possible to use such normal speakers for the S90ES?


I heard Yamaha speakers are very exact and express exactly what the source produces. One of the selepersons just told me this is not good.


Do I need a subwoofer for a better sound?


If I should buy extra speakers, should I buy active or passive speakers?


Lots of Questions ...


Thanks for any ideas or hints ;-)

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Hi Forumer


What I mean about checking the screws is that make sure the keyboard has not been pulled apart. This may indicate there has been a possible problem with it or it has seen some heavy use and been damaged. It is better to pick up a keyboard that has been used by somebody who takes care of the instrument (pref home studio type use) or if it has been used by somebody playing out with it make sure there is a decent case around with it.

If the keyboard chassis / body screw heads are chewed up this would indicate that somebody has had it to pieces for what ever reason. So ask why when viewing it. It is very easy to pull a keyboard apart, a child could do it with a simple tool set. Putting it back together correctly with everything in the right place is another thing completely and should only be done by somebody who is skilled / experienced and competent.

S90es have not been out for long so there should be no real problems with a board that has been looked after.

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Forumer, the S90ES has been out a little bit more than a year. It is still new. I think you are incorrect in assuming that the CP300 is better. Sound comparisons are always debatable but a couple of issues aren't:


1. The S90ES is a full synth so you can tweak the piano sound if you wish.


2. The S90ES has lighter keys in the lower registers than a the CP300. This could be good or bad depending on your purposes.


Another thing to note is that there are multiple "S" piano sounds on the S90ES. They're all high quality but they have different characteristics so don't base decisions on just the default "Natural S" sound. My favorite is "Intimate" modified with a little extra EQ on the highs.

Hamburg Steinway O, Crumar Mojo, Nord Electro 4 HP 73, EV ZXA1


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Hi Jazzwee,


I think I will stick to S90 ES. You know I played long time ago piano. Now after about 10 years I want to start again and want to have a really good sound that is the case with the S90 ES. I'm just a perfectionist and I want to buy the very best instrument with the amount of money I have. Yesterday I just heard about the Fantom X8 and was amazed by listening to its sound samples. But I think this is another league, more expensive and much more complicated.


I could not find a used S90 ES yet in Austria. So I think I will buy a new one anyway. This saturday it will be the day :-)


I heard the manual is not that good. So if anyone has a link or idea where I could get more information about how to use this keyboard best, I would appreciate any inputs.


Best Thanks to all


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I will chime in here. I don't have an S90 but I do have the earlier version (S80). I also have a Fantom X6 among numerous other keyboard and modules. If you can spring for it, go with the Fantom. Its user interface is a pleasure to work with. I haven't even had to open the manual. It is that easy and intuitive to work with. The Yamaha stuff is a challenge. You'll have a lot more fun working with the Fantom.
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