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Thanks to forum for Roland repair...


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...Particularly Stoo Schultz and Rick K.


Almost 3 years ago Stoo posted many detailed photos of his Roland RD-700 in various stages of assembly as he replaced the keyboard sub-chassis: Roland woes


I finally broke a chassis section. It only affected one key, but it was pretty annoying. So, after ordering the reasonably priced parts from Roland, I dove in. With my laptop displaying this thread and the photos, I was able to fix my RD with almost no hassle. (The hammer felt was the hard part.) It really didn't take terribly long, but I can only imagine what the service charge would've been.


A big thanks to all who contribute help like this. Y'all rock.



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good for you Ken... I used those same pics a while back to replace two sections. I had to use the old felt because they didn't have one in stock. I ordered three sections not knowing what to expect. So I had a section here when I had to go in again about 2 weeks ago and it took half the time.


You are right pulling the felt through is the biggest pain.


I have thought about ordering another couple of sections and more felt to have on hand. But I have not had any trouble with the replacements yet.



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