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Newbie stage sound mixer?

Jeff Comella

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I want to hook up my two stereo keyboards to a mixer, run one combined output to a jbl eon for a stage monitor and run another feed to the PA.

I bought a Eurorack pro rx1602 and was told by a sound guy it won't work. Passive.

What do I need? and what do you recommend.

We play in a Rock and blues 8 piece band... trying to hear myself over the rest of the band. :)

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Your sound guy needs to look at the PDF from Behringer, which has application notes on how to use it as YOU want to do it. I am the sound guy (put up our ENTIRE system, plus my own local keyboard submixer) and the keyboardist at my church, and I don't use the RX1602 for my keyboards, but I use it for other line-level type inputs just fine, thank you very much.


If his concern is unbalanced outputs, the rx1602 has balanced TRS capability that can be adapted to XLR. AND you have a output dedicated for monitor/aux send purposes. Just look at the application notes on Behringer's site.

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