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Mac OS X ... On A Phone

Geoff Grace

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In the first part of the keynote, Jobs talked briefly about the transition to Intel, thanked everyone involved, and said that's all they would talk about Macs today. But, he said, they would have some great announcements for Macs over the next several months.


The Cingular thing stinks, that iPhone looks killer. Worse for me is that I'm happy with Verizon, and unless they come out with an iPhone for Verizon (GSM vs CDMA? Am I getting that right?) I'm out of luck permanently. I did wonder about using the iPod & Internet aspects only, but it's kind of pricey for just that right now.

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Verizon is SOL, the rest of the world will be GSM and Verizon will eventually have to switch. Not happy about the Cingular tie-in, but by the time the 2nd Gen iPhone comes around,T-Mobile and the rest of the world will be compatible. Pretty amazing demo- and what if this touch-screen technology moves to laptops also????? I can just see a MacBook Pro becoming a "MacScreen Pro" in a year or so.....!
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