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New Roland gear hint


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Check Roland\'s website


After loading the main page a few times (I think every 4 or 5 refreshes), they run a little NAMM teaser about "The Revolution will be televised...but it won't be in Black and White. Don't be left out. 01/18/2007."


Grainy out of focus photos blur in the background. Looks kind of like a keyboard.


Could it be? A new VA? A new Jupiter 8? A Juno H?




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I DID figure this out on my own. I used AEVITA Save Flash. It really didn't work that well, but I noticed the name when I saved the file. Back at the Roland site I found the MV-8000 (which I've never paid any attention to previously).


I'm posting this only because I just saw a thread of at that OTHER site which referenced yet another site.


I want people to know I take my pre-NAMM prognostication seriously. It's an important part of who I am, don't cha know. ;)



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