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ferran rc

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Sorry for my english, I write from Barcelona and my english is not very good. :confused:


First I would like to say thank you for this forum, the discussions helped me a lot to choose Promega3, (without having played and tested it, because it's very difficult here to find a shop that has any in stock), especially the explanations and the videos of Dave.

I got two days ago the Promega3, shipped from an Italian shop (the last one they had), and I am very happy with it.


This is an impressive instrument!! The piano sounds are really amazing, nearly better than my acoustic piano!

The Rhodes, clavs... sounds are also very nice, and the user interface is very very easy to use.


I'll post my impressions when I play it more hours, but the first one is: woooow!!!! It's incredible!!


But I've noticed a problem, specially with some piano sounds, but also in some other sounds: I can hear a noise in the lower octave when I play the notes at medium or higher velocity. It's like a "bbbzzzz" or a "ffffzzzzzz". At first I thougt there was a problem with my keyboard amplifier (Roland KC-500), but after playing it with a quality headphones, and connecting it to another amplifier and my home HIFI equipment, the noise persists, so I think it could come from the promega. The cables are also ok, and it's not a volume problem, because the noise appears from medium volume to higher.


I've sent an e-mail to Dave M., I hope he can help my, but I would grateful if anyone could help me.


Does anyone has this problem? Any idea of what should it be?


Thanks very much.


Best regards

Ferran Robusté

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