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'Genesis Talking Shop' forum

Steve in KS

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Next to this forum, 'The Genesis Talking Shop' has been my favorite forum for the past several years.

In the middle of November it suddenly became unaccesible.

Does anyone here have an idea what happened to it? My googling has gotten me no where. Even if it totally crashed it seems there would be some kind of a message about it. I just get an error message.


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What error message are you getting, Steve? Currently I'm having issues even resolving DNS for the address that it's hosted at (http://hit.demonhosting.co.uk). :(


Edit: I've finally been able to reach the site, and I'm seeing the "CGIWrap Error: Script Execution Failed" error message.


The only advice I can give you is to email the admin of the site (the link is on the error page) and ask him/her what's up. It's a configuration problem with the forum software they're running, but other than that, I can't tell you much. :)

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