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Buying this weekend. Tyros 2 or S90ES or ???


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Hi guys,

I have narrowed my choices to these 2 yamaha keyboards. One is an arranger keyboard and the other is a synth. I have research a bit on these 2 keyboards but i am still stuck because both have their unique features.


Tyros 2 vs s90es

61 keys vs 88 eighted keys

sequencer, hdd recording vs external sequencer needed (more troublesome)

Newest yamaha "articulate", "live" and "sweet" voices vs the motif ES voices.

coloured screen vs small pathetic lcd mono screen


I am originally a keyboard player, not a pianist but the weighted keys do come in handy since my girlfriend is a pianist but I'm the one paying for it so I'll have the final say. I have owned a yamaha psr before and found it really easy to use and especially when composing songs on the spot without bothering too much about doing eveything from scratch.


I will be using the keyboard in church and at home. Which keyboard would best in this case since they are about the same price?


Maybe I am biased towards yamaha so if any experts out there have better suggestions for other brands, please let me know fast since I'll be buying this or next weekend.

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These are such hugely different instruments. They do entirely different things. T2 vs. ES I could understand....and they are not nearly the same price. The T2 is very expensive. And it does so much more.

You better go here and do some research


T2 has superarticulation and incredible pre=done intro's and such. The styes will keep you busy for a year. Does so much work for you.

But the ES is elegant and the complete piano....you will find if you use the T2 at church and choose the gospel styles then the congregation will think you are a musical genius...and you could be drinking coffee while the thing is playing.

If I were you I would hold off till NAMM in January to see if there is a new ES - because it will have superarticulation and so much new stuff....

again, the T2 and ES are so different they might as well be from different universes.

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Actually I am able to get them roughly for the same price and of course I'm actually going abroad to get them because its too expensive locally. I know they are such different beast thats why i am having such problems deciding what to get.


Besides even if I wait for Namm, I proabbly won't be able to afford the new instruments. I doubt there will be a new tyros 3. The S90ES has been out for sometime but I doubt that they'll change much or come out with a new model.


The tyros 2 has always been my dream instrument because its easy to use and has a friendly or idiot proof interface compared to the S90ES. If there was weighted 88 key tyros I would get it immediately.


Church usage will be mainly piano (with strings, E.P) Thats why the S90ES would be better because it's 88 keys and weighted. 61 keys is usually difficult for piano playing because you can't just tranpose halfway while playing.


At the same time the Tyros is just lightyears ahead in terms of voices and hdd recording etc to name a few.


I have seen many video and mp3 demos of what tyros 2 can do and "impressed and blown away" is an understatement. However if you were given a choice and can only choose one, Which one will it be? I can't possibly afford both.


Flying off on the 24th and getting the keyboard as my Christmas present. Either keyboard i get I know it'll be good.

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I think the S90ES would be a more satisfying instrument to play with the weighted keys. The thing is loaded with great sounds and features. That would be my recommendation.


As for waiting to see what NAMM will say, most any new item announced will not be available for probably another 2-10 months ;) so if this is something you would like sooner than later, don't worry about NAMM.

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Thanks for the input thus far. I have gone with the synth option and decided to buy the S90ES. I know I won't regret it because I have tested both before. The best thing about the S90ES is the 88 keys and action compared to 61 plastic keys.


Just in case people are going for holidays like me, you can get some cool gear in singapore and currently they are having some sales. Due to exchange rate it's a better deal. I believe advertising is not allowed so if you want to know details you'll probably have to PM me. Can't wait for Christmas to come this year. New toys to play with.


Happy Holidays

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