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Pitch problems with my Roland RD300


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Hello, I posted this problem a few months ago but with no solution. Now I'm back with a little more information and I'm hoping someone can give me some good advice.


Ok, so I bought a VERY used Roland RD300 (not 300SX) a few months ago. It is the unit with a tuning knob in the back, not the pitch wheel. After a while I started to notice that some of the notes go flat after depressing the note for a few seconds. Plugged into a keyboard amp, the pitch sounds terrible. For some reason, plugged into speakers, the sound is a little better. Plugged into headphones the sound is as bad as with the keyboard amp. I bought a tuner with a Line In and plugged the keyboard directly into the tuner. It showed that the pitch does indeed fluctuate within a range of about 4Hz. So it seems apparent to me that the source of the pitch problems is definitely the keyboard. Keep in mind this unit is very old. When I first bought it I had to open it up and clean all the keys. I also had to clean the copper contacts as many of them turned a greenish color. Does anyone know what I could possibly do to correct this problem? Do you think the green corrosion may be causing pitch problems? Maybe I need to solder some loose parts?


Thanks in advance for all your advice. I love the keyboard but I think I'll have to try and sell it if I can't fix this annoying problem.

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I'm not sure what a pitch bender wheel is. There is a small tuning knob (a circle that rotates) on the back of the piano that looks like this



| / \ |

b | \_|_/ | #



Hopefully that comes out on the post.


mate_stubb.. where is the tuning pot? Is it the part that is on the other side of the tuning knob? I opened up the piano and used a q-tip and alcohol to clean that part, but it didn't help all that much.

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while it's possible that it's the crystal .. it's not very likely... way more likely is the pot on the back or pitch bend if it's got one... or for some reason the voltage feeding those parts is fluctuating... not likely it's a cracked trace or bad solder as when that happens the thing would just go way off.. as in total +/- pitch bend... if you pull lightly on the controll does it move or is it firm??? sometimes the tabs that hold controlls together can open alittle and affect this as well... happy hunting...
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