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trying to load sysex into yamaha DX7 IID


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Hi, i a mtrying to load sysex and to save my banks between PC and DX7IID, with no success.


My DX7 config is the following :


Midi, key 31 :

Channel Trns ch Rcv >A >B >Omni

messages 1 1 1 on


Control Midi IN control >A >B CS >1 >2

number 11 11 5 5


MIDI >Note on/off >PC trns mode >Local

all normal on


Program sw: [ -] [ -] >[1] [2] [3]

change trns #: -- --- 001 002 003



Midi key 32


MIDI > Device number >Receive block

1 1-32

MIDI out Voice >Edit buf >1-32 >33-64

when i go over one of these options it asks me about transfering the data..normal



key 14

Memory protect Int: off



On my sysex software (soundlib), i have configured midi with MPU-401 as both Midi in and out.

When i click receive on the software and try to send data from the DX7, nothing happens...

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I know nothing about the old DX7s MIDI implementation, but SYSEX works the same way for any synth.


You have to find out in your manual about the correct MIDI/SYSEX format to use. Begin with triggering a SYSEX complete dump of your synth from the PC, so you can have a back-up before anything else in case something goes wrong later.


In your MIDI/SYSEX implementation chart, look for "all programs dump request" or "all set-ups dump request" depending on the particular word used by the manufacturer for what you are looking to do.


Any SYSEX message must start with F0, a complete header that identifies manufacturer/synth/model/etc, followed by what's requested by the particular format needed, then ended by F7. If you try to trigger something in SYSEX otherwise, it won't work (for example, a message not beginning with F0 and ending by F7 is not SYSEX).


Of course, to do this you need two MIDI cables, one so the PC can trigger the dump towards the synth, and another so the synth can send the data afterwards.


Sorry if my advice seems extremely simple to you, I'm just making sure you understand the basics. Another thing to make sure is that some global or MIDI parameter on the synth doesn't prevent this to happen, since certain synths offer parameters to enable/disable certain types of MIDI/SYSEX data.

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