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Looking for a book mentioned here within the past two months


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Notice: As you read the following, please note I spent about a half hour searching for the thread to no avail. Also, in advance, I appreciate your participation in this thread. Thank you. :wave:


I can't remember when exactly, although it had to have been within the past month or so - there was a thread the topic of which escapes me but it wasn't about jazz books per se if memory serves. Someone mentioned a jazz book that sounded precisely like the kind I was looking for and I made a note which my studio has eaten up on me.


I honestly don't remember exactly if it were a Levine book, but my impression is that it was not. The description was a jazz voicings book that was written without belaboring the theory, and yet putting the theory in very clear terms.


I could almost swear it was a Vince Guaraldi-praise thread because that would of been of interest to me. Like several others, the holidays had put me in a mood to learn some of the Guaraldi classics. As I was teaching myself "Christmas Time is Here" it occurred to me how simply brilliant the voicing is in Guaraldi's stuff and I want to understand how it works. As an AADD sufferer, this book seemed to be able to help me get deeper into voicings (my understanding of which, admittedly for JAZZ, are presently woefully shallow).


My wife is taking requests for Christmas this year, and this is a priority item for the list.


Also, since I'm here, and you're here, and we're all here together, can anyone recommend jazz composers who are simply brilliant with their voicings? You know, the kind of composer who can lay down a handful of whole note chords and melt your heart?


Thanks again! :D

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Not sure if you had this book in mind or not, but a book that was recommended in one of the threads here is: "Forward Motion: From Bach to Bebop, A corrective Approach to Jazz Phrasing" by Hal Galper, from Sher Music. Mark Lavine's "The Jazz Piano Book" seems to get rave reviews. I personally recommend one or both books by Jimmy Amadie, "Harmonic Foundations for Jazz and Popular Music", and "Jazz Improv: How to play it and teach it". http://www.amazon.com/Harmonic-Foundation-Jazz-Popular-Music/dp/0961303506/ref=pd_sim_b_4/103-0294548-6583020



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Thanks, RABid, but that's not the thread. It was a few pages deep I think.


The Gillespie book looks promising, too, but that's not it. Nor are skykeys suggestions I'm afraid.


Darn. Thanks, though, these all look promising. You know what will happen - I'll decide on another book and the next day I'll run across that thread...

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Levine's Jazz *Piano* book has some great stuff on voicings -- and he does tone down all of that pseudo-theory for at least a few pages.


Other than that, not ringing any bells for me. Bert Ligon, "Connecting Chords with Linear Improvisation"? Not many voicings in there, though, natch.

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Perhaps the old brain ain't what she used to be - I just did another half hour search and can't find the bloody thread I'm thinking of. After some research, I think I will go with a Levine book. Now, the question is the Jazz Theory or the Jazz Piano book. Which is recommended as my first Levine book? Thanks again, all, for your help.
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