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Technics 6000 keyboard help


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Alas poor Yorick!...I knew him, Horatio:

but not the background instruments.


i recently purchased a Technics KN5000

and googled around and downloaded a manual and heaps of hints and tips.

You should do the same as I dought there will be many on this forum into these boomchikka keyboards.

Yes a powerful machine and great to lay down quick polished backing tracks thats why I got it.


so try a google and if not here is a link to a great website which has heaps of links to other websites..hope it helps.




I know you must be a "fellow of infinite jest,of most exellent fancy"..and if not then perhaps..



that is your question

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dear yorick

we welcome you and add you might want to run with just one question on the same topic.

Sometimes it takes a while to get an answer when the keyboard is a little off track to the sites usual offerings.Eventually someone will read it and hopefully reply.


my suggestion to anyone answering this topic to choose the other thread Yorick started which pertains to the same and asks the question far more succinctly.


This way we wont have to jump from one to the other.After writing this one I found his other thread.If anyone can help it would be gratefully received by his father.

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