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1st post...need to find a ES4...help!


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Not a piano player but my son is and I think the ES4 would be a nice upgrade from his old keyboard and his grandma's upright. I have one locally for $1495 with 100% trade-in for 3 years (not sure if that's a big deal or not). Its a local dealer that I've known for some time but never done business with. I've seen prices quoted around these forums closer to $11oo-$1200. Does anyone know where these prices are? Anyone on the forums sell these? Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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Originally posted by kanker, apparently:

100% trade in for 3 years?!? As long as there are no strings attached, you'd be hard pressed to beat that deal. That's insane, really.

I wasn't sure. It's in writing. The only catch is that the price of the new unit has to be double the original unit. The new unit can be on sale, closeout, whatever...just as long as its double ($3000 in this case) and needs to be done before the 3 years are up.

Thanks for the feedback.

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