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What Keyboard for "me"?


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Hello! What Keyboard question, if you can help.....


I have been saving up for a deal more than months and wish to invest in laying down my music, my songs. Up until now ive been using a guitar to accompany myself, but i can play keyboard. Im not a wizard player, but classically trained and want to get something that will be responsive and which will inspire and excite. I might just get really good!


The board would need to be versatile - so i could perform with it and also use it as a controller keyboard with my mac to make that album.

So, if money were no object what would i go for? (Although if there were a recommendation that saved me money then the cash would well serve me elsewhere of course!!!!!!!)

Thankyou kindly!

".....just as long as it's groovy."
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hi and welcome

First you have to specify what kind of music you play

Then, if you need just a keyboard controller for your mac or a keyboard with sounds. It's different and the price is veeeery different too.

Last, how many keys you need (88 piano action, 76, 61 synth action etc etc).

Be more detailed and we'll be happy to help you out


Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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Thankyou Yannis.

Yes - more specific :

Must have 88 keys! And i reeeeeally wish it to play as close to a real piano as possible - i want to be able to use it like an instrument, not just something that triggers sounds in a mechanical way. - I can't have a real piano in my flat although i might be about to inherit a baby grand - can't have it here though :o (

The above is my priority.

I'd rather have a good "pianistic keyboard" than a load of buttons that just make synthetic noises. But i don't mind a variety of sounds. I thought i would be able to feed them in from a computer programme??


Excuse me - i'm still learning. I am using a very cheap &borrowed yamaha job at home at the moment. But it is terribly frustrating to not be able to express myself fully with it.


What do i play? That's actually a hard one. I half hope i've answered it with the above. Try... Elvis Costello? Not techno anyway. ;O)


I've read some about the Nord Stage - it's very red isn't it. lol

There might be something else more appropriate. And i am a little nervous about spending that kinda money without doing my homework properly. I am so glad to have found this place to ask questions.



".....just as long as it's groovy."
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So your budget is something under a Nordstage but more than a cheapo Yamaha? I'm guessing then of a range between $500 to $2K. Correct me if I'm wrong. In this range you'll have the following commonly mentioned (starting from the low end). These are all digital/stage pianos with varying ranges of additional 'stuff'.


Under $1K

Casio Privia, Casio CDP 100

Yamaha YPG 625

Yamaha P70


Over $1K

Yamaha P140

Kawai ES4

Yamaha CP33

Roland RD700SX

Yamaha S90ES

Yamaha CP300

Kurweil (model?)

Kawai MP3

GEM (not available?)


I'm sure I missed some and someone will remind me. But you'll find a lot of supporters for each of these, plus some used models.


Now it's time to visit the music store. As these descriptions need to be supplemented with physical handling and hearing.

Hamburg Steinway O, Crumar Mojo, Nord Electro 4 HP 73, EV ZXA1


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Jazzwee is full of information indeed, nothing more to add. Go to a music store and try as much as possible - for piano action it's more personal feel and taste than anything else.

Plus, Nord Stage is very good but i feel it's too expensive for your needs right now. If i would be in your shoes i'd try something simpler, buy some VST's for the mac and try to make some music happen with this arsenal.

Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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I'll let you know what i end up doing - well, at the very least I am curious to know.


There's much to do. I know my music won't sound like Mr Costello's either - it'll be uniquely mine. I'm inspired by such a diverse range of music. All i've written so far has been with a guitar. ANYthing could happen to it when i get down to work.


Staying with the optimism......



PS The Editors' album "The Back Room" is running through my blood over past weeks - really strong in my opinion. Just thought i'd throw that in there.

".....just as long as it's groovy."
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