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Hammond Clone in 1979

Joe Tee

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I was thinking back the other day about all the keyboards I've been through in my time. I think it was 1979 when I made the switch from guitar to keyboards....and the hot thing (at least in my area) was the Crumar T1 organ. This was supposed to sound just like the mighty B3. I also had a horn rotor and I think it was a "Rotovibe" or something like that. Anybody else remember these pieces. The lid of the T1 formed part of the stand to the organ. I later went to an M3 then a C3....the sound was a bit better... :D
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i used to play a Crumasr T1 organ before i purchase my Hammond Porta B. I run the Crumar through my Leslie and the sound was acceptable - good for this 60s sound and quite good for funky stuff. But i sold it when i bought the Hammond. I think Crumar was as good as the old CX1 - but never got the ad. korg got
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