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Groove tubes SFX combo - opinions?


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I recently was in the market for a new keyboard amp was digging for feedback on the product when I ran across this review on a user forum administered by Sweetwater. I have no first hand experience with the product - and simply pulled the following user's comments from his post on that site. Here's what he had to say:


"I just got the SFX Spacestation and DO NOT like it. The sound is thin and... just bad. I've asked others opinions over the past week and everyone agrees that it's lacking the rich, full sound that boards such as the RD700SX or D-50 is capable of.


It is pretty cool how they get a stereo sound from one box, but if that sound is weak and downgrades the sound of the instrument being played through it, then it's useless. After a week of tweaking and trying various proccessing & EQ, as well as speaker placement, running from the RD to the SFX directly and also running it through Soundcrafts EPM mixer, I'm returning the SFX and going back to a more traditional setup.


I AM NOT A SOUND PERSON AND MY EXPERIENCE IS LIMITED! Seek the opinion of others. At the same time, I would think that if you run lines direct from sound source to speaker (SFX) then it should approximate what is heard through headphones or a cheap Karioke machine.


The reviews I've read, and others I've spoken too have notshared my experience, so who know's. I'm willing to accept that my experience is one of operator error."

The SpaceNorman :freak:
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this amp is responsible for a fairly embarrassing few days for me, therefore, I have no comment on it


er, oops, that's a comment...ok, here's my honest opinion...



It can be good for some people, not all and probably not the majority of working keyboardists out there


the best feature of the SFX Spacestation is that it throws true stereo sound a long distance without having to be loud and it sounds pretty much the same everywhere. So, if you play in churches or convention centers and help it with a mixer and sub, it can be totally awesome


A real winner from Groovetubes is "The Brick" preamp/DI...I use it with my Rhodes all the time, it is super cool...also sounds fantastic for Bass guitar and even Vocals. I truly love it, one of my favorite pieces of gear.

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