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Elka Synthex


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Wow! I don't know if the price is a bargain or not, but the Synthex was a really cool instrument, often compared to the Oberheim Matrix 12, soundwise. :cool:
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I used one of these on a record a few years ago. For all of its physical girth, to me the sound was very similar to the Roland JX3P / MKS-30. It was surely a "good" sounding analog synth, but not a "big" sounding analog synth. Very polite and in control -- nothing at all like the gigantic sounds of a CS-80, old Moog or even Oberheim FVS or OBX.


To put my opinion in perspective, I'm not a fan of the Matrix-12 for the same reason. I always thought the FVS and OBX (not OBXa or OB8) synths sounded WAY better. I've owned and used them all, and believe me, I really wanted each newer model to sound better than the previous. It was a rude awakening when they didn't!


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