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Store Closing; Tubes


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My home music store, J.J.'s House of Music in Bristol, Tennessee, is closing. Nearly everything they had is gone already, but I have made a few deals on stuff they had left. Got a Boss Micro BR at cost. (I haven't tried it yet, as it's going under the tree with my boy's name on it.) They had two more of those as of last night. Yesterday I bought most of their tubes in stock, namely Sovtek 5U4G, GZ34, EF86 and 12AU7/ECC82 as I have gear that uses those. I left one lone Sovtek EL84, one tall miniature triode-pentode combination I forget the number on, a few ElectroHarmonix and Groove Tubes 12AX7s, a matched pair of Groove Tubes KT66s, a couple of 6GM8s, and a couple of milsurp equivalents of 12AY7s. I forget their 4-digit number. They were being remarketed by Sovtek, and the dealer cost on them was around $12 each. I left 'em alone, not really being into dropping the gain of my 12AX7 amps and not having a specific application for them. They'd be just the ticket for V1 in an old Bassman. I think the unidentified tubes might be something for a Hammond or Leslie, as the former manager was into those. If anybody wants any of these, they might be willing to box and ship 'em. Their number is: 423-989-7778. (7779 fax)
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Originally posted by Ricochet:

My home music store, J.J.'s House of Music in Bristol, Tennessee, is closing.

Please don't tell me that a Guitar Center is moving in to take its place. :rolleyes:
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I hate to hear that! I used to call on them back in my days of repping. Super nice guys, great store. Hate to see them go!


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