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Nord Electro 2 Control Pedals


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Hello! I need some quick help.


I JUST got my new Nord Electro 2 finally.

I'm getting an expression pedal.


What expression pedals are compatible? Also,

Would getting an expression pedal allow me to control the Nord's Wah-Wah Effect?


Please Advise.

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Try a doing a search, because this info has been discussed at length before. But as long as I'm here...


Yes, the expression pedal allows you to control the Nord's "Wah-Wah 1" effect. Roland pedals are recommended by Clavia, but the Yamaha FC7 is the top of the line if you ask me. You just need to buy a little $10 adapter that will reverse the polarity of the plug. Or you can do it yourself if you're electrically inclined.

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I have an old Boss FV300 that works like a champ on my Electro.

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Originally posted by Trill:

Originally posted by Sven Golly:

Originally posted by Trill:

Google is your friend :wave:

I have learned to walk the rice paper master ;)


I went gentle and subtle on the manual part . Not a full blown "disvensation " :rolleyes:

LOL... the pupil surpasses the teacher, and the teacher is very proud. ;):thu:
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Originally posted by Hytanon:

I kinda just figured I would tap into the vast and deep pool of knowledge provided by the excellent people here on the Forums ;-)

Hytanon, I would be the first to want to ask a question .I will also be the first to admit, I hate reading manuals. :idea::D
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