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Chaun C Chang


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Hello Folks.... While searching through topics on this forum I came across information and an online book by a fellow named Chuan C. Chang. It seems he is a retired Physicist from Bell labs and a life long piano player. I have been reading his material and find it quite interesting, very detailed as one would expect from a Physicist. Has anyone worked with his material? I hope you would share your thoughts about it as I am new to piano/ keyboards and what to do things to enhance my experience. Thanks in advance ....Tom :wave:
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The best thing you can do for yourself is get yourself a qualified teacher. Do a search here for "teacher" and you'll find advice on how to go about doing that. :thu:


If you choose to not take that step, and are attempting to teach yourself how to play the instrument without any feedback mechanism (in other words, someone that points out what you're doing wrong before it becomes an ingrained habit that is very difficult to overcome), then you should probably do some reading here about people's opinions on such approaches. Couldn't hurt to invest a bit of time... :thu:


Specifically on the subject of Mr. Chang, you can do a search here (for Chuan, so you don't get results about Young Chang pianos, or anything). One such discussion can be found here .


In my opinion, there are parallels between teaching yourself to play piano and the old-school saying "A man that represents himself in court has a fool for a client."


Or something like that... ;)

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