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Kurzweil PC88 - need advice on changing battery?


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I donated my old but reliable Kurzweil PC88 to a church last year, and they tell me that the battery that keeps the memory alive says it's nearly dead. The keyboard is well over 10 years old so this is not a surprise. The church uses this keyboard a lot and I'd like to help them by changing the battery for them if I can and save them taking it to a repair shop. I could use some advice:


1. Anyone done this before and have any suggestions?


2. Does anyone know what kind of battery is required? Is it commonly available?


3. What procedure to follow? Do you leave the power on while changing the battery to keep the memory active and keep from losing everything?


4. Is there a Kurzweil PC88 technician reference manual anywhere I could get my hands on?



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The battery is a vanilla 3 volt CR2032 located on the I/O board. Replacing the battery is no big deal, but getting it apart without the manual might be. It isn't obvious which screws ought to be removed.


I have a copy of the service manual (part # 910276 Rev A). If you have trouble finding it (and I'm guessing you will), I can scan the pages and send 'em to you.


I'd do a sysex dump ASAP if you want to save its current state.

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